Urine cytology

Diagnosis of many urinary tract diseases is based on microscopical examination of urine particles. Traditional urine sediment inspection offers knowledge on cells, casts, microbes and occasional crystals excreted into urine in different disease phases; most of these elements are not seen in urines of healthy individuals, or are excreted in small numbers only.

The procedure for this laboratory examination is old, apparently easy and widely applied. However, the detail of adequate patient preparation, standardisation of the procedure and the skills needed in the interpretation of microscopic findings is commonly underestimated. This may result in a loss of diagnostically significant information.

The European Urinalysis Group under ECLM (European Confederation of Laboratory Medicine) recommends either supravital staining or phase contrast optics as improved methods to allow detection and identification of cells and other particles in urine.

REASTAIN Urine Kit (Sternheimer supravital staining) is for in vitro diagnostic microscopical study of urine sediment. The procedure is compatible with the European guidelines. 

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