Hematology reagents

Haematology stainings are routine methods in clinical laboratories to study abnormalities of blood. Reagena May-Grünwald and Giemsa solutions are intended for use in morphological inspection and differential counting of blood cells. As it is essential to use buffered distilled water throughout the staining procedure, Reagena Phosphate buffer is recommended to use together with MGG stains.

For rapid staining of blood smears Reastain QUICK-DIFF Kit enables only 3 -minute staining procedure. Reastain Quick-Diff Kit is an optimised colour and fixative composition of staining reagents for the differential staining of cellular elements in peripheral blood smears. The kit includes ready-to-use solutions as 500 ml vials of Fix, Blue and Red.

Reagena staining solutions are used in many automated slide-maker stainer for blood samples including Sysmex SP-1000i, Sakura RSG and Mirastainer II. They are available in convenient and economical package sizes or in bulk quantities.

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