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Reagena is a Finnish, diagnostics growth company with product development and manufacturing facility in Kuopio region. Reagena’s mission is to be partner of choice in providing solutions and services that optimize patient care pathways while reducing the burden on healthcare.


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Reagena 35 years – Decades of Reliable Diagnostics

Now, when a new year has begun, it is good time to look at the past and envision the future. For us at Reagena, 2022 was the year of celebration…

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Up to Date Information from the National Near Patient Testing Days

To examine a patient with an infection, specialized laboratory diagnostics are often required, which can also be done with point-of-care tests….


Greetings from the ICLB 2022

In the beginning of September Reagena team attended the International Conference on Lyme Borreliosis and other Tick-borne diseases (ICLB), which…

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Looking for partners especially for clinical validations

Reagena develops new diagnostic tools for zoonotic diseases. In relation to tick-borne diseases and hantaviruses, we are now looking for new…