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Reagena is a diagnostics company with internationally proven, high-quality products for infectious diseases and special reagents for life sciences. Reagena products are used in clinical laboratories, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental and industrial laboratories. The company was established in 1987. Reagena has long experience in meeting the high pharmaceutical industry standards with products complying with current European Pharmacopoeia standards (Ph. Eur.).

We offer: Reagena is an ideal industrial partner in contract manufacturing of diagnostic products, such as controls, calibrators and lateral flow rapid tests. Reagena professionals are able to meet your requirements from an initial concept to the final product. While Reagena is able to solve your manufacturing challenges, contract manufacturing services enable you to focus on your core business. Our success with long-standing manufacturing partnerships with industrial customers is recognized in high customer satisfaction results. Reagena offers a wide range of products for zoonosis diagnostics. The product portfolio includes Reagena POC, ReaScan rapid tests and EIA tests. Majority of the Reagena products are used in hospitals, clinical laboratories and physician office laboratories. Reagena has a long experience in zoonosis and was the first to introduce rapid immunoassay tests with superior performance for TBE and Hantaviruses. Reagena also offers a variety of reagents and solutions, which are used in universities and research institutes, food industry, environmental laboratories, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, and in many other industrial laboratories.

We are interested in finding:

  • Pharmaceutical, diagnostics and other life sciences companies that wish to find a trustworthy R&D and contract manufacturing partner
  • Distributors of our diagnostics product portfolio
  • Contract manufacturing partners in other industries


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