Partnering and contract manufacturing services


Reagena is a trusted industrial partner in contract manufacturing of diagnostic products, such as reagents, controls, calibrators, and EIA plates. Our success with long-standing manufacturing partnerships with industrial customers is recognized in high customer satisfaction results.


Tailor-made EIA plates

Whether you need EIA assay kit development or EIA plate coating service, Reagena’s high capacity 96-well plate coating equipment enables batch sizes up to 2000 plates.

  • Custom coating service (includes coating, blocking, drying, packaging, quality control)
  • Custom EIA assay development and manufacturing

Lateral flow assays

Reagena provides custom development and manufacturing services of lateral flow test cassettes and test kits.The lateral flow test can be tailored to suit the customers own test platform.

  • Custom development
  • Custom manufacturing

Customized OEM and R&D services

  • Reagena zoonosis tests as private label
  • Transfer of existing EIA assays into Reagena rapid test platform
  • Custom development of EIA or lateral flow assays

Reagents, solutions, controls, and calibrators

Reagena provides manufacturing services from the initial customer need to a ready-to-use product.

  • Products are manufactured according to the specifications and quality requirements given
  • Packaging designed and manufactured in the agreed format
  • Labeling according to the current legislation

Packaging services

  • Dispensing of solutions into desired volumes from microlitres to IBC containers
  • Packaging of test cassettes or other test components in sealed foil bags

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