Reagena Dobrava-Hantaan IgM EIA

Reagena Dobrava-Hantaan IgM EIA is an enzyme immunoassay for the detection of acute Dobrava and Hantaan virus infection from human serum. The Dobrava or Hantaan IgM antibodies in the sample are captured by the µ-chain specific antibodies on the microtiter plate. The captured IgM antibodies are detected by the HRP (horseradish peroxidase) enzyme, which is coupled to the recombinant Hantaan virus nucleocapsid protein. Finally the color is developed by TMB substrate. Total incubation time is 2.5 hours.

Test Performance:
Specificity 99 %, Sensitivity 99 %

Reagena Dobrava-Hantaan IgM EIA

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Package Size: 96 tests

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