reascan-DOBRAVA-HANTAAN-IgM-putket-scanneri_1.JPGReaScan® DOBRAVA-HANTAAN IgM

ReaScan DOBRAVA-HANTAAN IgM is an easy-to-use rapid test for detection of acute Dobrava and Hantaan virus infections from serum. The test detects IgM antibodies reactive to the nucleocapsid protein present in Dobrava and Hantaan viruses. The test is intended for in vitro diagnostic use by healthcare professionals. Test results are read with ReaScan+ reader.


Reliable results are obtained with a few simple steps: 

  • Dilute the sample and transfer it into the conjugate tube.
  • Pipette the sample to the test cassette.
  • After 15 minutes, the test result is read from the test cassette with ReaScan+ reader 

ReaScan+ reader is sold separately (105100, Oy Reagena Ltd)


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ReaScan Dobrava- Hantaan IgM

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10 tests

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ReaScan+ Reader

Test Performance

NPA: 100 %

PPA: 96 %