Quidel Triage® ja TriageTrue™

Quidel Triage® -system consists of Triage MeterPro -device and comprehensive test menu that provides the diagnostic answers you need to make rapid, cost-effective treatment decisions at the poin-of-care. Quidel provides a diverse immunoassay menu in variety of tests.

  • TriageTrue™ High Sensitive Troponin I
  • Triage® D-dimer
  • Triage® Troponin I
  • Triage® BNP
  • Triage® NT-proBNP
  • Triage® Cardiac (CK-MB, myoglobin & troponin I)
  • Triage® Cardio2 (BNP, troponin I)
  • Triage® Cardio3 (CK-MB, BNP, troponin I)
  • Triage® TOX Drug Screen
  • Triage® PlGF



Quidel Sofia ®

Quidel Sofia® family consists of Sofia and Sofia 2 devices and an extensive selection of rapid, highly accurate and reliable tests.

  Sofia Sofia 2
  • hCG
  • Influenza A+B
  • Legionella
  • Lyme+
  • RSV
  • S. pneumoniae
  • Strep A
  • Strep A+
  • Quant. Vitamin D
  • SARS Antigen





Reagena is a distributor of Quidel Triage®  in Nordic Countries and Quidel Sofia® in Finland.

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