ReaScan® Ab-Dect Puumala IgG

Rapid test for detection of Puumala virus specific IgG antibodies in blood of bank voles (Myodes glareolus)

Reliable results are obtained with a few simple steps:

  • Dilute the sample and transfer it into the test cassette.
  • After 10 minutes the test results are read in seconds with ReaScan reader, Reagena's hand-held immunochromatographic refractometer.

Excellent tool for screening of Puumala prevalence among rodent populations, even in the field laboratory.

Puumala virus is a rodent -borne human pathogen which causes a disease known as nephropathia epidemica. Puumala virus is spread to humans via direct contacts to the contaminated excretions of the bank vole. Puumala virus is met in most of the European countries. Analysis of Puumala virus specific antibodies in rodents can be used for estimating density of the Puumala virus carrier population, which in turn helps in anticipating and preventing outbreaks of the Puumala virus infections in humans.

The kit contains

• 10 ReaScan Test cassettes

• 10 Dilution buffer vials

•  Instructions for use

This product is for research use only.



ReaScan Ab-Dect PUUMALA IgG

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